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Hydraulic system power unit operation guide and precautions
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Hydraulic system power unit operation guide and precautions

Views: 516     Author: Ling     Publish Time: 2024-04-16      Origin: Site

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1.Generally, the pressure of the hydraulic system power unit is preset at the factory. If adjustments are needed, users can adjust the system pressure themselves by turning the pressure regulating valve knob according to the actual working conditions. It is important to adjust it correctly according to the operating instructions and not exceed the nominal pressure of the system.

2. During the initial installation and debugging, attention should be paid to maintaining the oil level inside the tank. After one working cycle, the oil level in the tank should be replenished, but it should not be overfilled.

3. Carefully inspect the wiring of the motor and solenoid valve, and strictly prohibit loose connections.

4. When wiring the motor and solenoid valve, special attention should be paid to the characteristics of the power supply (AC or DC), and the voltage should match the markings. The motor housing must be reliably grounded for AC power supply, and operating without grounding is strictly prohibited. Pay attention to waterproofing and moisture-proofing of the motor junction box. During the initial wiring, carefully check the motor direction. When viewed from the rear of the motor, the rotation should be counterclockwise. Reversing the motor rotation and dry running without oil are absolutely prohibited.

Hydraulic Power Unit

5. When refueling the tank, hydraulic oil must pass through filtration with a precision not less than 25µm.

6. Impurities inside the hydraulic cylinder cannot be filtered out by the power unit. Therefore, the inside of the hydraulic cylinder must be kept clean to prevent valve failure. The oil pipes must also be clean.

7. During the operation of the hydraulic power unit station's circulating oil circuit, the electric heater performs a temperature rise test, and the cooler performs a temperature reduction test, coordinating with electrical professionals to stabilize the oil temperature between 15°C and 65°C.

8. Hydraulic system power units generally adopt a closed-tank structure, allowing them to operate in harsh environments with heavy dust accumulation. However, attention should be paid to cleaning the dust on the hydraulic equipment during use to ensure good heat dissipation and ease of maintenance of the hydraulic system.

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